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You love me .

Real or not real ..?
Joan .

"- all I did , I did it to just .. just to make you feel believed in . Does it make sense?
When we are near the end of our life's ..
We will still regret some major things in life .

Regret them with passion.
We work so we can pay for our living .
Every day .

When my daughter cries because she never
spends any time with me while I'm working 6 days a week  9,30-18.00
Then it hit me .
Ofc I don't want to work like this .
But I don't have a choice.
I really don't .
No one has a choice.
It's only me and her so I am the only one that can work.
She doesn't understand why yet .
But she will .
She is the one pushing me to continue to slaughter myself
every day , only do I know she will be ok .
All tho we stress so much , trying to put food on the table
pay for our living , I am happy to be able to do so.

Cause there are millions of people who can't .

Stop complaining.
We will all work until the end anyway.
Accept it .
We can only hope for that lottery ticket to turn your life
upside down .
" crash land "
Twin Atlantic

For ever been played since I found them
So besides laying in bed and looking out
into the dark .
And suddenly you hear someone walking ..

NO .
Noooope .
I am
I am NOT down for this .

This happened at work today .
I sat behind the computer , minding my business when
suddenly I hear someone walking on the carpet .
But when I looked up from the computer to see who it is .. nothing .
I sat down and continued answering emails when , it happened again !
I looked up and , nothing .
It not only disturbs my peace of mind .
It distracts me from not wanting to know what the fuck these footsteps
keeps popping up at home and at work .
I've been hearing , I've seen things that I cannot explain.
But from time to time things gets really bad .
Call it delusional, spaced out or what ever you want to call it .
But this is nothing but real and at the same time , fucked up .

Someone obviously don't know what " personal space " is .
Tonight doesn't feel as cozy , that's for sure.

You don't . Get me . Even if you did ,you couldn't bring me down .
You don't. See it . That same way , I clearly see you .

To try . To push me . There ain't no cliff high enough for that .
You can't . Kill me . I'm higher , up in the air .
You knew I would tremble. But not loose my ground here . You don't know me the Same way , I know myself .
I'm stronger . I'm prepared to take a hit and go 
Cause you never really knew me . But I could see through you clear as glass .
You had a small crack there . You caused one in me too .
I fixed mine . How about you .
Was it worth it . Only to see me as a underling to you .
Did it give you pleasure too .
You couldn't see me . Even if I gave you glasses to see with , you shadowed them as if you were looking at the sun .
Can you feel it . Can you see it . I'm better of without you .
I can see you . And I know . It's our past who mold us to what we are .

I can still see it clearly, as if you where made of glass .
You will always ..

And I will always..

Simply always .

Goodby skinny love