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Is it really women's fault , that men can't ..

Really guys . Why is the world only surrounded around you and your needs . How many times have you walked away swearing and getting irritated from a date , girlfriend or wife because they tell you , they can't have sex .  They have their period .  What in the name of FUCK makes it your right to get irritated or angry because of natures way of working out .  Blame evolution, Mother Nature , Gaia , science or the anatomy of the body .  Who told you that women secretly can start or stop a period , your Mom ? Dad or friend ?  Give women a BREAK.  Do you even know WHY we bleed 7 days a month .  I'll break it down for you in easy steps so you might get it .
1: an egg will travel in our belly .  2: it waits there for a period of time . 3: it gets angry cause you are not getting it pregnant . 4: it IS only there to basically get your partner pregnant . 5: it moves on . Pissed . 6: the egg tells the body about it . 7: body and uterus gets pissed . 8: body pushes the egg AND stuff in there OUT .  It kin…