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It wasent really a thought that night .It was every giving though there could have been . You can't separate the brain when it's in a terrible , terrible mess . What should be done is to drop the things who doesn't serve you anymore . By that I mean  , realize , see and listen to what's wrong in ur life .  Change it. Clean it . Start again .  Don't hold on to the things thang doesn't serve you .  Doesn't serve ? Doesn't Deserve You . Stop give when you don't get . Sharing is caring . Give to get .
Why isn't that just obvious to everyone 
You can't just take what you get and don't fucking give back . 
You're an ass if you live by that . Punctuation made !
amor es inesperadamente fácil. pero al mismo tiempo tan difícil
People make you feel lonely even if they are around you 
" bad person " " feel like  .... " 
It was a very long time ago since I felt this small .  The last time was when someone used me as a puppet .  I'm giving all of the ppl that I love , all of what's left of me and I will never regret or deny anyone a pice of that love .  But when suddenly , what I thought I was giving , was obviously not good .
I guess I'm not doing the things I so deeply know we all should do without thinking .  I do it with passion .  Freaking passion " I give it all "  I think I might stop , being everywhere and give it to myself . 
It's not often I want to make my voice heard , but when something takes me down I just must defend my feelings . Everyone can't understand or must understand but do we not try to do that if someone feels down or have a problem . Should we not listen and repeat it until we might know why I felt like that.  I know I do , I always think from the other persons side and I try to stand behind his words s…
Att våga säga vad du känner är bevis på styrka och mod .Det finns vissa sammanhang som säger att mu är det inte tillfälle att göra det .   Man väljer sina tider att säga vad man tycker .  Men ibland svämmar det över och då finns det inget stopp på orden . Starka som svaga ord , sålänge dom är ärliga och betydelsefulla för dig .
Ge aldrig någon chansen att tysta dig . Du skall kunna vara så högljudd du vill.
And there it was . 
A drop in the ocean left with millions of other drops .

I don't know if it helps to say that I think it's sad how the heart can crumble . 
As for being sensetive .  I can say that we who are ,  have our feelings on the skin and on the inside too .  So our feelings are always blooming  whatever it may be . 

You think I'm exaggerating . You are stepping on my feelings by thinking so .