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Is it always a curse to be one of those who gives away a lot of love too others , you give and you give aaaand you give . In the end after helping them , comforting them , being there for them , dragging theire weights and patting the heads when things gets a little bit ruff . But when you need THEM they don't exist . They back down and walks the other way .  Is this middle school , or is this a give and get back . It seems too be a get and go thing for some . It's not a bubblegum machine , put in a coin of empathi and wait to see what help you get .  Once you're a mountain for someone else they can't handle the cracks in it . Sometimes stone needs some attention too when the cracks need to be soled by someone else . 
If you realize that you are avoiding a hand that tries to grab on to something , just take it .  Don't let it fall down thinking " I don't have the time "  Well thing is that , that  hand had time for you many times and still when it was hurt…
//Do you hear that sound //It goes around and down //Do you feel that beat //Swooping off your feet //Do you see that land //Taking all for grand //Can you see through me //can you feel I m free //All of me is throwing myself at you Is it meant to be or am I fooled by dreams of how it should be //I m going to deep down this empty street I cant live normaly cause you are hunting me //Am I doomed to walk alone every shiver in ma bone want to scream and go towards the stormy seas you have left for me //Do you hear that sound //It goes around and down //Do you feel that heat //It burns in my sleep //Its just a dream //but it feels so real //This is on repeat //it makes my heart go beep // Wanna hear that sound //I want to know what iv e found //All of me is throwing myself at you Is it meant to be, or am I fooled by dreams of how it should be. //I m going to deep down ,this empty street. I cant live normaly , cause you are hunting me . //Am I doomed to walk alone every shiver in ma bone want to scream and go toward…

Let me introduce you to reality

Heeello there you behind that phone , computer whatever .
Can I , without trying to make you feel like a complete idiot write you a little bit of reality.
Even if you don't agree with what I think , I hope you open ur eyes some day.

Lets move on.

Oh what a awful thing , those problems you are fighting with everyday.
Those awful things you need to do or need to choose between.

Meet the rich people

Your carpet needs to be renewed or why not buy a new one, cause you really ! #need a new one..

You need to make a choice , and that is a choice between  DolseGabanna *is that spelled right..
and Dior in the shop.. #oh that awful hard thing,so hard.

You need to choose between Harward or Yale for your son or girl, cause they really need the best of ze best , right! #They really don't want to go to neither on of them really, but hey you did!

You need to take a night of sleep to decide if that Bentley or Hummer would fit your style , or the garage .  They see me rollin , they hatin !# vroom vr…


Why do people cheat .Does anyone , have a answere to that . Boredom , hate , loveless , tierd , hopeless , curiosity , cold hearted , asshole , idiot , stupidity and beyond ,  Why and why are ppl cheating when you clearly just can get out from a heartless relationship without hurting the other person . Why can it be so tuff doing them and your self a favor NOT cheating .  It's not only the person who gets cheated on that gets stuck in the fire , you do too. A person with no attachments to his /hers heart doesn't feel regrets and can not feel real affections not feelings on that powerful level that a deep loving And feeling person does . In some cases the Most loving person can cheat and don't have any regrets what so ever but still be capable of being so very lovebel . Why ? Cause your kinda fucked in the head . That's why . There is no exuze saying * he/she cheated on me * thing . Well if the person done this several times , naaah Mby it's time to do some payback baby …


Why can love be so hard. I feel everything so very deeply. You are more then enough for my heart. I want this to be the best journey in my life. You are my adventure already, I never want it to end. I am smiling when I  go to sleep and I am smiling when I wake up. Every one has their bad days and good days. It can be hard to carry someone s dark , but you do it anyway. Even I can get weak and drop my weights on the ground cause I cant take it. Everything don't need to go in super speed, we don't loose time just cause we slow down a little. To stop, breath and be in the moment is healthy . Some times you run faster than the future and the moment cant keep up. You get sad cause things doesn't goes as you want them to go. When you forget to be in the moment, you forget who is there with you. When I wake up to the sunset I look at it and tell my self that I make life so much harder for my self when it really isn't . I, me , myself makes it harder by judging what I do , wh…