Mina vänner.

Mina vänner består utan det som kan rymmas på en hand. 
Dom har varit med mig när jag som mest har behövt dom. Nåhra har jag inte umgåtts med under en längre tid, vissa mer. 
Men oavsett tid, så har dom varit med mig, suttit med mig, gråtit med mig, skrattat med mig, suckat med mig, varit tysta med mig och vart högljudda med mig. 
Det är ni, som gör mig till den jag är. 
Jag älskar er. 
I had a super amazing quote to post. 
But I forgot it.


Computer " melt down"
Though I am. More * old school * and write with the  classic* pen and paper. But, ppl wants the script to be sent by mail.. That recuaires it to be written on a pc. 
But the only laptop I have.. * had.. broke. It was old but served me well.. With a broken screen  from a nasty move. 
I have writers fog anyway.  I will take a writing break for now.  The book was meant to be done this fall, but the water was deeper the expected and there is more to write.  Plus, I need to buy a new laptop.. 
I guess this must be the the life, writers always talks about. 

She is my everything.My air, my soul and my  beating heart.
I am sorry for having my heart stolen by strangers who didn't deserve us. 
Can you forgive me.
Please forgive me 

To be so submerged in the deepest of thoughts.  But not enough words to express it all.


I want to talk about health.As in mental health. 
When I write *every one * I Mean every one. Every one, visited the empty room.  The room that defines the word * empty * This a dark and lonely room and we enter it on individual terms.  But it always stay, empty.  This is the common feeling of depression or anxiety.  This room of ours * as in - we all know this * is a form of an empty space that exists inside all of us. When entered once, we Will absolutely come back again. 
In that room we face everything we don't want to face, we get absorbed into every, little, thought, word, feeling and moment of despair. It's just like being served a super size XXL cup of guilt, and you drink it all in a heartbeat, just to make sure, it's empty.  Even if you drank it tho, you can't leave the room. You'll stay in that room until it leaves the body.  When your drunk on it and you can feel it hitting you, you Need to ride the storm all the way through.  When the turmoil of the party finally s…

Bts 1

Let me think about it
Through all the commotion you brought back
Leaving it drippin from the walls.
Leaking through the cracks and stalls and still i am standing there watching them fall.
Tiny pieces from a thing called love, scattered around my feet and as I walk on them they are making me bleed.
You like watching me, grinding my teeth in my sleep.
But that was then, I am better now, both feet on the ground, dropped some serious amount of, pain relief when I klicked delete.
Look at me, look at me
When I stumble upon freedom.
Alt ctrl delet. J.c.r.W